Inhouse Notices


For all our flat residents, please remember that our lease clearly states that no washing may be hung out to dry beyond the boundaries of the flat.  This includes the rails on the Juliette Balconies, from windows and on the lawn’s outside the buildings.  All washing needs to be dried withing the confines of your home.


Yellow lines are in place to protect residents. Our roads need to remain accessible to Emergency Services at all time.  So please note that if you park on a yellow line you risk damage to your vehicle in the event of an emergency needing to move your vehicle, you will also be slowing them down so please refrain from parking anywhere on a yellow line on our estate.   Random checks by a private enforcement team will ticket your vehicle if it is found to be parked on a yellow line.  We take the safety of all our residents seriously, please may we ask that you do the same.

We currently have no restrictions on where anyone can park around the estate, however, please be considerate if you are parking in an area that is not associated with your property.  If you do need to use the parking in any of the areas that belong to the flats and are not resident there please park at the further most part of the car park to ensure that residents are able to utilize the parking in and around their door.  Visitor parking is allocated in the Harlinger Street car park between houses 26 and 28 Harlinger Street as well as along the road in Harlinger Street.


To report any street lights out of order, damage to roadways, signage or gardens  please report to  Please specify the location on the estate and details as to where  fault/damage you are reporting can be found.


To report an abandoned vehicle (please note that we can only action this through the Managing Agents if no tax disc is present on the vehicle).  Please supply the exact location of the car along with the registration number, type of vehicle, model and colour of the vehicle.

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