Parking at King Henry’s Wharf

From the start of our estate in 1995 we have always had an open parking policy, meaning that you can park anywhere.  However of late we seem to have more of a demand on parking.  Please be mindful of where you park, if you do use parking in and around the blocks of flats and dont live there please park away from the entrance areas of the blocks. Please ensure that any visitors are directed to do the same thing.

The double yellow lines are there to ensure that the roadway is always open to emergency vehicles.  An unattended car parked on a double yellow even for a few minutes could impede emergency services access to someone who needs their help.  The double yellow lines that were removed on Harlinger Street in front of Riverhope Mansions will shortly be replaced so please continue to observe the no parking in that area.

We are shortly to replace clamping with the issuing of parking tickets for anyone parking on the double yellow lines.  We are serious about keeping the road free of obstructions so please ensure you park away from all double yellow lines.

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