Refuse/Large Item Removal

Large Item/Appliance Removal:

If you need to dispose of any of these please DO NOT PUT THEM IN OR OUTSIDE OF THE BINSTORES.  The Refuse collectors will leave them and the Estate will have to pay for removal with the cost being passed on to all residents. Please phone the council on 020 8921 4661 to arrange collection.

We politely request that no large items or white appliances are placed outside any of the houses whilst awaiting collection.

Refuse removal as follows: 

Tuesdays, removal from binstores.  There is currently only one recycling unit on the estate which is located at Bywater House.  More will be provided in other blocks provided the majority of residents in that block are in favour of having a unit.  They were withdrawn some time ago due to the units being used for general rubbish, it does take some dedication from all residents for this to work.

Thursdays, removal from the houses.  Mixed dry recycling (blue top bin) and food and garden waste (green top bin) collections takes place in the morning. General waste (black top bin) is collected during the course of the afternoon.

Bank Holidays:

Collection days around Bank Holidays may change. The council do let us know in advance about any changes to the collection schedule but on the whole the collection shifts up by a day (or two) depending on the number of holidays.

Recycling Depot:

We have one of the best re-cycling centre’s in the country.  This can be found at:

Nathan Way



We suggest you take a recent utility bill with you if you do not have a disposal permit, you may be asked for proof  that you are a Royal Greenwich resident.



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